Overview and Configuration Guide: Integrating Acronis Cyber Protect with Gradient


The Acronis integration synchronizes services from your Acronis Cyber Protect account to help with mapping and reconciliation to services or products in your PSA. This integration creates various services based on your billing requirements. If you're unsure which services to map, log in to Acronis Cyber Protect and review your usage (e.g., protected workloads). This usage breakdown and the services created in Synthesize should align, making it easier for you to map them accordingly.

Note: Acronis Cloud Storage includes your Microsoft 365 cloud storage data as part of its storage usage. It's important to be aware that Acronis does not bill you separately for this Microsoft 365 data, and there is currently no option to exclude Microsoft 365 cloud storage from the total cloud storage usage.

Create an API Client in Acronis

Begin by generating an API Client ID and secret. Please note that administrative privileges are required in Acronis to create these credentials.

  1. Log in to the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud management console.
  2. Click Settings > API clients > Create API client.
  3. Enter a name for the API client.
  4. Click Next.

  5. Copy and save the Client ID, Secret and Data Center URL.

  6. Click Done.

Connect Acronis

  1. Select the Acronis integration and click Connect.
  2. Enter the Client IDClient Secret and Data Center URL retrieved from the previous steps.
  3. Click Authenticate.

    • Once successfully authenticated, accounts and services will be generated, and the integration will be updated to a pending status.
    • You can click the status refresh button or simply refresh your browser if you are unable to proceed to the next step.
  4. Click Next.

Map Accounts and Services

Note If you need further details on account and service mapping, click here.

  1. Map Accounts and Services

    • When setting up the integration for the first time, accounts are automatically matched if there's an exact match between your vendor and PSA.
    • For accounts not automatically matched:
      • Use the filter button beside the account names on the right, or
      • Use the search bar on the left to find PSA accounts.
    • Drag and drop the PSA accounts from the left to match them with vendor accounts on the right.
  2. Proceed to Service Mapping

    • Once accounts are mapped, click "Next" to access the Service Mapping step.
    • Align services or products from your PSA, displayed on the left, with the corresponding vendor services or SKUs on the right. For ConnectWise PSA users, search by Product ID.
    • Ensure at least one account and one service mapping is completed to finish the configuration.
    • After mapping the services, click "Next".
  1. Finalize Configuration

    • Review your service configurations and click "Finish" to complete the setup.
    • This will initiate a sync. The "Sync Status" indicator at the top-right will start spinning, showing that a sync is in progress.
    • Once the sync is complete, the "Refresh" button will light up pink, indicating the sync is complete. Click that button to see the vendor usage data populated.
    • Use the filter or sort options to jump to the connected services and start reviewing and approving usage!