Multi-user Account Access

Find out more about Multi-user account access. How to add and remove users, and more.

Multi-user access

  1. Multi-user access 
  2. Adding additional users
  3. Removing additional users
  4. Troubleshooting


Multi-user access:

Multi-user access is available to all pro-level accounts. If you'd like to take advantage of this feature, please upgrade your account before proceeding.  

Multi-user enables you to add other members of your team to handle tasks. Additional users will have the same abilities and functions as the main account holder, with two exceptions. One, they can not add or remove other users, and two, they can not update the account status or details. 



Adding additional users: 

  1. To invite users to your account, navigate to your profile page and select the members' tab. Here you will have the option to view existing users as well as invite new users or resend previously sent invites. 
  2. Click on Invite and fill in the user's first name, last name and email address. Once you press submit, the user will receive the invitation to log in to their account. 

If someone doesn't receive their invite email or needs the invite resent, you can trigger this from within the members tab. Select the ellipsis and press resend.
Contact support if users are still unable to receive the invite, as sometimes emails get caught in spam tools.  

Caution: Please ensure that email addresses used for sign-in do not have an auto responder on them. 


Removing additional users: 

To remove a user from the account, you navigate to your profile page and select the members' tab. Select the ellipsis next to the user and the remove option. This action is immediate and can not be reversed.  

When a removed user attempts to log in, they will receive a message that their access has been revoked. 




  • You sent an invite, but the recipient never received it.
    • Have the recipient check their email and junk mail for the invite 
    • Confirm the email address is entered correctly
    • Resend the invite. 

If the issues persist, please reach out to support to ensure the email has not been bounced.