API Standards

Versioning, breaking changes, and other tidbits

API Versioning

The current version of the API is V1.0.  Version updates will be documented and communicated through our regular release process.  You can check our release notes here.

Pulling Lever

Breaking Changes

Breaking changes are defined as any change to our API that could result in an error being returned.  

Examples of breaking changes:

  • Renaming a field 
  • Changing a field's data type (such as from an int to a decimal, or from editable to read-only)
  • Changing the response type (such as from an object to an array of objects)
  • Validation changes (fields now required that previously were not)

Examples of NOT a breaking change:

  • Adding new fields
  • Adding new endpoints
  • Making a read-only field editable
  • Making a field no longer required if it was previously required

Check out our Swagger page

  • Gradient has a Swagger page providing detailed information on all routes and parameters available for using our API.     Visit our Swagger Page here