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A Guide to Service Bundle Management with Autotask PSA

Service Bundle Management with Autotask PSA. Maximizing Profit Margins and Service Delivery through Effective Billing Practices for MSPs.

This guide aims to address potential pitfalls that may arise when MSPs resell service bundles or packages without thoroughly examining their tech stack. If left unchecked, this could lead to subpar service delivery and reduced profit margins. To avoid such outcomes, it is crucial to follow billing best practices. This includes configuring recurring agreements and breaking down service components for more comprehensive financial reporting and management. By conducting audits and ensuring compliance, you can mitigate the risks and maximize your success.


Breakout Component Services in Autotask PSA

The services that are added to a Service Bundle or Comprehensive Package are called component services or add-on services. These services are typically included in the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS).

To gain better financial visibility and identify any shortcomings in your tech stack, it is recommended to separate all managed services and COGS.

You can achieve this by following the steps below and generate a consolidated invoice template in Autotask PSA. This will allow you as an MSP to have a clearer and more detailed view of your profit and revenue margins, while presenting a more refined invoice template that won't confuse your clients.

1. Create Service Code

  1. Navigate to Admin > Features & Settings > Products, Services, & Inventory > Services

  2. Edit or Create a New Service for your User Bundle or Package (Example, Premium User Support)

  3. Create New Service Code

  4. Enter a Name (Example, User Bundle)

  5. Save

  6. Add New Service Code to Service

  7. Save

Note this will be the top-level revenue line item that will include both price and cost on the contract and on the final invoice.

Tip more information on Service Codes can be found here: Do you need service codes?

2. Add Service Code to Services Included in Bundle

Note for billing best practices, we can note add the new Service Code to all underlying component services that make up the service bundle earlier. Zero out the price for these services, as they will be rolled up into the Service Code we created earlier. Include the cost and associate these services to General Ledger Account for tracking cost of goods sold.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Features & Settings > Products, Services, & Inventory > Services

  2. Edit Services that are included in the Service Bundle created earlier

  3. Add Service Code

  4. Save

3. Edit Invoice Template

  1. Navigate to Admin > Features & Settings > Finance, Accounting, & Invoicing > Invoice Templates

  2. Design or Create New Invoice Template

  3. Edit Invoice Body

  4. Under Roll Up & Sort Order choose All by Roll Up Description

  5. Click Icon to Configure Roll Up Description

  6. Edit Recurring Service/Bundle Roll Up Description

  7. Remove Description and add Variable [Service/Bundle: Service Code]

  8. Click OK

  9. Edit Description of Recurring Services/Bundles in the Invoice Body under Customize the Description Column

  10. Remove Description and add Variable [Service/Bundle: Service Code]

  11. Click OK

  12. Save & Close Invoice Template

4. Configure Contracts

  1. Add all Services to Contracts and zero out the price for any cost of goods sold, like the following:

5. Generate Invoice

  1. Apply Invoice Template that was created earlier to Customer or Company default and generate the invoice

  2. Approve & Post Recurring Contracts

  3. Generate Invoice

Note the Rate/Cost shows Varies and the Quantity is wrong because the option Show Services/Bundles with a price of 0.00 is enabled. Disable this when by navigating to Choose Billing Items when Processing Invoices or from the Company Settings.