Synthesize Pricing

The breakdown of Synthesize Billing and Alerts Pro Modules and their pricing.

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Synthesize Billing Pro

Syntheszie Alerts Pro

How to Upgrade




Synthesize Billing Pro:

Billing Pro is everything you love about Synthesize Billing Module, with up to 10 billing integrations and unlimited CSV profiles. 

You will be presented in the tool with the Pro plan best matched to your account tier.

Tiers are based on the number of Accounts with Active contracts connected in your PSA. 

 LAUNCH 1-30 Synced Accounts $199/mo
GROW 31-150 Synced Accounts $299/mo
SCALE 151-500 Synced Accounts $499/mo
EXPAND 501-1000 Synced Accounts $699/mo
THRIVE 1001+ Synced Accounts $899/mo


Synthesize Alerts Pro: 

Love those Alerts you have? Want more? With Alerts Pro, you have unlimited premium and up to 10 standard alert Integrations.

$149 per month. Month to Month. No Strings. 


How to Upgrade:

We offer multiple ways to upgrade your Synthesize account to pro! You'll be connected in no time! 


From the Integrations page, when you select either a premium integration or a second vendor to connect, a module will appear on the screen to upgrade.

  • Complete the credit card details to register for the Module. You will then be returned to complete the setup for the integration


From your profile page, select subscriptions and press upgrade on the Modules you would like to purchase.

  • Complete your credit card details to register for the module, and once completed, you'll be returned to the subscriptions page. 

The Billing Pro option best suited to your account size will be provided on the screen to select. 

How you are billed:

Gradient bills monthly on the 1st. Your first payment will be prorated to reflect the time left in the current billing cycle when initially signing up.

You will then be charged the monthly fee for your subscribed plans on the 1st of each month. 


Need to downgrade?:  

Don't worry; we still love you! Navigate to your profile page, select manage subscriptions and downgrade.

When cancelling our Billing Pro subscription, you will be prompted to disconnect integrations until no more than one standard integration is active.