Kaseya BMS Connection Guide

A step-by-step guide to getting your Kaseya BMS account connected.


Kaseya BMS Connection Checklist

If you haven't already registered, you can open a Gradient MSP account here 

You've registered, and you're on your way to officially becoming part of the flock! Take the following steps to get Kaseya BMS connected with our Synthesize modules:

  1. Upon initial registration of your new Gradient MSP account, you will select Kaseya BMS and click Next. You will then be presented with a connection checklist. Please gather these items before progressing to the next page. Let's head over to Kaseya BMS.
  2. Login to Kaseya BMS.
  3. Navigate to Admin > Security > Roles.
  4. Select New (N) to create a new Security Role.
    Security Roles
  5. Give the Security Role a Name, and set the Role Type to Internal
    Security Role name
  6. Click Save in order to set permissions.
  7. In the Admin section, ensure Special Features Has API Access is checked.

    Api Special Features
  8. Select Save (S) to save the Security Role.
  9. Navigate to Admin > HR > Employees.
  10. Select New (N) to create a new API Employee.
  11. Set the New Employee User Type API Employee and assign the Security Role that you created in the previous steps.

    new employee user type
  12. Click Save (S) to complete the creation of the New Employee.
  13. An email will be sent to the email address specified on the employee creation steps. This email will contain the User Name, Password, and Company to be used within Synthesize billing module.
  14. Flock back over to Synthesize billing or Alerts module and input your Username, Password, Company Name (Tenant ID), and Fully Qualified Domain Name (kaseya.example.com) into the Setup Wizard.

Congratulations, you've successfully connected your PSA!

Sit back, have a coffee, and let our hamsters (or flamingos, in this case) get to work synchronizing your data. You can close the Setup Wizard now if you like, and we will email you when the synchronization is complete.