Building an Alerts module integration with the Synthesize API

An overview of the steps and time involved in building an Alerts module integration with Gradient MSP and the Synthesize API.

Welcome to the Gradient Synthesize API

This information, along with in-depth guides, the full calls, troubleshooting etc., can be reached over on our Synthesize API Documentation.

Times may vary based on time available, UX requirements, etc. 

Below is an estimated timeline for the build. 


Week 1 Week 2Weeks 3-4Week 5Week 6



Week 1: Establish (2-day wait + Est 4 hours work) 

An integration Kick-off ticket with vendor support is initialized on your behalf once you have completed the vendor agreements. The Support team will respond with a Vendor API key and a Partner API key. Est 2-day timeframe.

  • When you receive the keys, you will be prompted to book a Kick-Off Meeting. This is to review the API documentation, address questions, establish key contacts, open a joint Slack channel and confirm timelines. (1hr) 
  • Begin establishing the API connections (Est 3hr)  
  • Generate your Gradient-Token 
  • Create the services provided via the Create Service for a Vendor API call 
  • Confirm services are accurate using the Get Vendor API call 


Week 2: Connecting the Alerts Module (Est 6 hours) 

  • Connect to the seeded account (Est 4 hr) 

Set the integration status to pending using the Update the integration Status API Call 

Using your seeded account, perform the Get Clients API to see the list of clients we created for your seeded account  

Once you have clients, perform the Create an Account API Call to create accounts.  

  • Connect the integration and map services (Est 1 hr) 
  • Navigate to the Synthesize integrations page and select your card 
  • Check the Connection and confirm it is successful  
  • Map your accounts to the seed data 
  • Map your Services created to the seed data’s PSA Board 
  • Now that the accounts and services have been mapped, you can perform the Add an alert to the alerting queue API Call to send an Alert for the appropriate service and account – (Est 1 hour) 


Week 3-4: Building the integration setup via your environment.  

  • Build (or update) an integration page to create the GRADIENT-TOKEN and authenticate the integration using their Partner API Key.  
    • This page should contain a disable option. 
    • This page can contain a Test option to create a sample alert. 
    • When the partner integration has authenticated, set the status to Pending. Update the integration Status 

    • Once the integration has been authenticated, pull a list of clients for the MSP and send us the list through the Create an Account API Call.  

    • Now that the integration is pending and accounts have been created, you can perform the Add an alert to the alerting queue API Call to send an Alert for the appropriate service and account. 

    • Note that these calls will fail until the partner completes the integration setup. This is normal. 


    Week 5: Prepare for the release  

    • Attend the launch review call to ensure all teams are aligned with progress.  
    • Ensuring the development build is complete  
    • UX is completed  
    • Marketing has required materials for both teams 
    • Launch day events confirmed 
    • Build supporting knowledge base documentation  


    Week 6: Launch!  

    • Welcome to the Synthesize Ecosystem.