Comet Backup

A step-by-step guide to getting started with the Comet Backup Integration.

Products Integrated: 

Billing Module: Base Unit | Disk Image Backup | Microsoft Hyper-V | Microsoft Exchange | MongoDB | Microsoft Office 365 | Synology | Microsoft QL Server | Application-Aware Writer 

Alerts Module: Failed Jobs

View the Comet Backup Vendor Information page

For support with this integration, connect with Comet Backup here:

Connect the Integration

NOTE: If you're using a Self-Hosted instance of Comet Backup, please make sure you're on version 22.9.6 or newer.

NOTE: Comet Backup syncs accounts from the Username field. To ensure you're able to map all accounts, it is recommended to have one Username per account.

  1. Select the Comet Backup integration card, and click Connect.
  2. Choose the integration modules to configure, and press continue. 
  3. Copy the Gradient API Token. Note that each integration is assigned a unique API token. Save this key in a secure location. It will only be available once.
  4. Click Open Portal. This will open a new tab on the Comet Backup page.
  5. Login to Comet Backup and navigate to Settings > Integrations > PSA Services
  6. Click on Gradient MSP and select Add. Paste your Gradient API token and press Save.
  7. Press Sync Now 


Select the board for Alerts / and /Map Accounts and Services. 

How to map

Start the Sync

  1. Return to Comet Backup and Initiate a Sync

Return to Gradient, refresh and Reconcile your billing! 

For Alerts users, you don't need to do anything else. Alerts will start to flow from Comet to your selected PSA board. 

Alerts will push for failed jobs of any type (backup, restore, repair, cleanup, etc.)