Confidence Criteria Guidelines

The Confidence Score is a series of equations designed to estimate the overall likelihood of a particular record in your PSA as being dirty.

We measure each record on our overall confidence in recommending its consideration for cleaning based on our own super fancy formula. We look for the last activity associated with several data points to determine whether it is active or dirty.  The less active the data, the higher the score. 

Once a confidence score has been calculated, it is assigned to a category.

    • High Confidence  (Confidence Score of 76-100)
    • Medium Confidence (Confidence Score of 50-75)
    • Low Confidence (Confidence Score of 0-49)


Example:  Confidence Criteria for Account Records

  1. If an account with type [Customer] has had no billing in over 12 months and is at least 12 months old
  2. If type is [Prospect] and over 12 months old and has never had an opportunity or quote assigned
  3. If an account with Type [Customer] has had no tickets created in at least 12 months
  4. If an account of either type [Customer] or type [Prospect] has no opportunity activity in over 12 months

If these data points have no activity for 12 months or greater, it gives us a very clear picture of the data value.  

The Confidence score will drop if any account type has had a ticket, opportunity, or invoice in the last 12 months; more severely, the more active the data.