Connectwise Manage Troubleshooting

Security Roles for API keys

If you have set up your API keys and are still getting a sync error, it might be custom API settings. You can update the security roles for the API as below and try again. 
In ConnectWise Manage
Navigate to System > Security Roles
  • Click the + icon at the top to add a new Security Role
  • Enter a name for the Security Role (e.g. Gradient Permissions)
  • Click the Save icon

Next is the Security Modules screen: You can open and edit access to the various sections. 

Gradient Requires Access to the following different sections, and row items as below:

Companies Company Maintenance Edit and Inquire
  Contacts Edit and Inquire
Finance Agreements Edit and Inquire
  Invoicing Inquire
Procurement Product Catalog Edit and Inquire
  Products Edit and Inquire
Sales Opportunity Edit and Inquire
Service Desk Service Tickets Inquire 
System Member Maintenance Edit and Inquire
  My Company Inquire
  Table Setup Add, Edit and Inquire
Time & Expense Time Entries Inquire

Please ensure your Inquire settings are set to All.  Failure to do so will result in errors.

The Table Setup permission requires one other customization. Select the customize link in the Table Setup row to allow access to the following. 

Table Setup has a customize option; select it and add the following permissions:

Once you've edited the permissions, click the Save and Close icon.

Navigate to System > Members > API Members

  • Click the API member to edit
  • Change the Role ID to the newly created Gradient Permissions
  • Click the Save icon