Datto Continuity - Getting Started

A step-by-step guide to getting started with the Datto Continuity Billing Integration


This integration will bring in your counts for your BCDR unit counts.  


Step 1: API Authentication 

1. Login to Synthesize

2. Navigate to the Integrations page

3. Hover over the Datto Continuity card, and click Connect. 

4. Insert your Datto Continuity Rest API Key

5. Click Authenticate


Step 2: Map accounts to Environments 

Drag and drop the accounts from Synthesize on the left to the environments from Datto Continuity on the right.

When you are ready, click Next.


Step 3: Map the Services

Drag and drop services from Synthesize on the left to the Continuity count on the right

Per Device: This will pull in the count of Devices associated with a client

Per Agent: This will pull in the total count of Agents associated with all Devices for a client

Offsite Storage: This will pull in the total Offsite Storage for a client in MB

Note: While several options may show, most MSPs typically only have one service count type. 

When you are ready, click Next. 



Step 4: Review and confirm 

Simply press finish.  This will start a sync and pull in the data to the billing module. 


Step 5: Service Reconciliation 

Congratulations, you're almost there! Once the sync is complete, you can immediately start reconciling!

To make your life easier, use the filter by vendor tag, select Datto Continuity and start reconciling!