December 2021 - Release Notes

Check out the feature and fix details from our latest releases

Dec 21 - Release 2.9.0

Bugs Squashed: 

    • Fixed an issue with Google SSO. 

Dec 14 - Release 2.8.0

Bugs Squashed: 

    • Corrected the Billable video on the main page. It was not loading for some users. 
    • Corrected a billing display issue for some Kesaya users that prevented a successful sync 

Dec 6th - Release 2.7.0

Bugs Squashed:

    • Corrected a display error on new revenue cards that did not update for some Syncro users. 
    • Prorate dates were updated for Autotask to prorate to the next billing period. 
    • Updated the least access API instructions for CW, Halo, and Syncro users


All releases may include minor UX improvements, Link corrections etc.