December 2022 - Release Notes

Check out the feature and fix details from our latest releases.

Dec 20th Release: 

Features Released: 

    • Filter by card type is now available. You may filter by No Change, True Up, True Down, as well as the New Revenue found.

Bugs Squashed: 

    • Unable to create new alerts tickets for Pulseway and Kaseya 

    • When partners changed the status within their PSA, this didn't auto-update the alerts mapping in Gradient. 
    • Liongard review pages displayed many lines of mapped accounts instead of just a few lines previewed. 
    • CloudBlue PSA, we pulled in terminated contract lines for a partner.
    • Halo PSA - we experienced an issue where some data would sync but not all. Resulting in cards displaying client name, only pulling in some agreements etc.
    • Connectwise PSA had some issues with pro-rated transitions posting to the next billing date. 
    • Updating the billing quantity is sometimes displayed an oh for flock's sake error
    • Services - Per Unit would erase with each upload. This has been corrected. 

Dec 13th Release: 

Features Released:

    • Mapping services steps on CSV and Integrations now only include active services (if available)

    • If no CSV profiles exist, partners will be greeted with the new profile page pre-loaded.

Bugs Squashed: 

    • Weekly syncs were not auto-completing for all users each week.

    • Durning Liongard syncs, unmapped accounts did not display to map on the mapping page

    • When connecting Datto Continuity the first time, it would not show connected until the next day

    • Oh, for flock's sake error when scrolling through the dashboard was reported. 

    • PSA Sync notifications in the app did display as failed even when connected 

Dec 6th  Release:

Bugs Squashed:

    • Accelo - Assigning a new revenue card did not appear in the retainer. 

    • A Partner reported that when using saved CSV profiles, nothing was imported, but when starting fresh, they would import fine. 

    • Duplicate service cards appeared for some partners; we were able to narrow down the cause and correct it. 

    • Connectwise PSA setup instructions were updated along with the name update from Connectwise manage to Connectwise PSA.  These were visual updates, no selection changes etc. 
    • Updated terms of use have been posted to the site. 


All releases may include minor UX improvements, Link corrections etc.