December 2023 - Release Notes

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December 8th, 2023

December 13th, 2023

All releases may include minor UX improvements, Link corrections, etc. 


December 8th, 2023

Bugs Squashed: 

    • GDEV-5684 Persistent Filter Issues in Synthesize

    • GDEV-4988 [Filters] - Two sessions cause the component to behave unpredictably

    • GDEV-5083 [Filters] - No change filter does not work when combined with unit increase or decrease filters

    • GDEV-5640 [Filters] Filters appear as options to select, but selecting them doesn't hold

    • GDEV-5605 [Dashboard] CSV imports are not loading on the Dashboard

    • GDEV-5693 [Dashboard] vendor view build causing NFR dupes with 0 units

    • GDEV-5715 [Dashboard] Duplicates

    • GDEV-5713 [Dashboard]: Throwing an error in NFR Creation if there is old mapping to the service

    • GDEV-5597 [Integrations] Vendor Sync bug - Showing 123 Years since the last sync

    • GDEV-5658 [Integrations] Huntress MDR is not receiving usage

    • GDEV-5710 [Integrations] When disconnecting integration, all vendor billings are deleted

    • GDEV-3380 [Integrations] Liongard integration: Unmapped services are displayed on the billing page

    • GDEV-3398 [Integrations] Liongard - Sample data shows 'unable to connect' when additional services are added by going back to the service mapping page

    • GDEV-5683 [Sync Status] - Once the sync status window has completed the syncs, the refresh data button doesn't refresh the screen

    • GDEV-5258 List View - Some services will display on a loop

    • GDEV-5669 List View bulk action menu opens behind a header bar

    • GDEV-5436 Profit and Revenue not displaying correctly for some PSAs

    • GDEV-5569 [Subscription] When downgrading to basic, we are met with the initial payment modal.

    • GDEV-5595 PSA Sync Failure screen - creates a login loop 


    • GDEV-5686 Hotfix for weekly Integrations Syncs released. 

    • Hotfix to remove external integrations from the sync status modal

December 13th, 2023

Bugs Squashed: