February 2022 - Release Notes

Check out the feature and fix details from our latest releases

February 23rd - Release

Bugs Squashed

    • Corrected a revenue display issue affecting Syncro and Kaseya PSA users, where profit and revenue values displayed as null. 

    • Corrected a limitation preventing U.K. partners from setting their Postal Code when signing up.

    • Corrected a display issue where on the last day of contracts for Autotask users they would not show. 

    • Improved the filter functionality including contract type and vendor/Distribution tag


February 15th - Release

Bugs Squashed

    • Corrected a timeout error that affected select users who were on a PSA configuration page for a length of time 

    • Corrected an issue for Autotask users where the last day of contracts would not display

February 8th - Release

Bugs Squashed 

    • Fixed an issue validating magic link email addresses
    • Corrected an issue with Unit/Vendor/Distributor dropdowns displaying empty for all PSA's 
    • Fixed minor issues on the CSV import process

February 1st - Release

Bugs Squashed

    • Corrected an issue with reconciled cards reappearing prematurely.

    • Improved filter capabilities after uploading a CSV

    • Removed CSV Free Trial - Now part of the main product 

All releases may include minor UX improvements, Link corrections etc.