Feedback and Growth

See what other users would like from Gradient. Vote on ideas or add your own. 

Transparency is one of the values that drive us here at Gradient. We believe in honest hard work, and continuous reflection and alignment.   We make giving feedback and seeing what others have requested easy - it's in the app.

Simply click the lightbulb to add your idea! 

You can:

  • View feature requests
  • Vote on requests important to you
    • Items with the most votes appear at the top
  • Add new requests
    • Be notified if your request is selected for development.
  • Tell us how you feel about us! Awesome or awful? 
  • View changelogs
  • Subscribe to the changelog
    • We post our release notes regularly on our knowledge base. If you subscribe via this widget, you will get an email notification when we post new features.