How to Filter your Service Cards

Too much clutter? Filter Service Cards in Synthesize billing module by using the Fuchsia Filter button!

When on the Synthesize billing modules reconciliation page, simply click the fuchsia filter button and apply as many filters to your heart's desire!

By filtering, you can declutter the Service Reconciliation page down to the services you'd like to see.

Perhaps you just use Synthesize billing module to reconcile a select few services, or reconcile per account? No problem, go filter crazy!

Types of Filters

Contract Type

  • If you bill your customers using different Contract Types, such as Managed Services, Monitoring, or Block Time, you can narrow them down based on your preferences.

Vendor/Distributor Tag

  • If you associate a vendor or distributor tag to a Service within Synthesize billing module, you will be able to filter by that tag to quickly find the service you're looking for.

Account Name

  • If you prefer to complete the billing one client at a time, you can filter by the Account Name for the client.