HaloPSA Connection Guide

A step-by-step guide to getting your Halo PSA account connected with Gradient MSP.

On-Premise Requirements

So, you've gone on-premise? Do you like to nurture and keep that little flaminglet protected? We can appreciate that; however, it shouldn't stop you from using Synthesize billing module.

Here are the minimum requirements for on-premise environments.

  1. Fully Chained SSL Certificate.
  2. The latest stable version of Halo PSA.
  3. If your Halo instance restricts access based on IP, our IPs are &

Note On-premise users can populate the Tenant field by typing in the words Not set.

Note Setting All permission on step 10 will cause authentication to fail.

Halo PSA API Connection Checklist

If you haven't already registered, you can open a Gradient MSP account here 

You've registered, and you're on your way to officially becoming part of the flock! Take the following steps to get Halo PSA connected with the billing module:

  1. Upon initial registration of your new Gradient MSP account, you will select Halo PSA and click Next. You will then be presented with a connection checklist. Please gather these items before progressing to the next page. Let's head over to Halo PSA.
  2. Login to HaloPSA.
  3. Navigate to Configuration > Integrations > HaloPSA API > View Applications.
  4. Click New in the top right.
  5. On the Details tab, populate "Application Name" with Gradient MSP.
  6. Set the "Authentication Method" to Client ID and Secret (Services) and Record the Client ID and Client Secret.
  7. Set the Login Type to Agent.
  8. Select an Agent to log in as.
  9. Keep a record of the Client ID and Client Secret.
  10. Press Save
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  11. On the Permissions tab, enable the following permissions:
    1. read: customers
    2. read and edit: contracts
    3. read and edit: items
    4. read and edit: invoices

  12. Save the Gradient MSP API Application.
  13. Within Halo PSA, navigate to Configuration > Integrations > HaloPSA API
  14. Record the Resource Server, Authorization Server and Tenant.
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  15. Return Synthesize, select HaloPSA and insert the following information.
    1. Client ID
    2. Client Secret
    3. Resource Server
    4. Authorization Server
    5. Tenant (On-premise users can populate the Tenant field by typing in the words Not set).
  16. Select Save and Test to confirm that the integration is configured properly.
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        Warning Authorization Server requires a forward slash "/" at the end of the URL https://domain.halopsa.com/auth/

        Congratulations, you've successfully connected your PSA!

        Sit back, have a coffee, and let our hamsters (or flamingos in this case) get to work synchronizing your data. You can close the Setup Wizard now if you like, and we will email you when the synchronization is complete.