June 2022- Release Notes

Check out the feature and fix details from our latest releases

June 28th - Release: 

Features Released:

    • Mobile Sign up is here! Partners can now join Gradient from the palm of their hands. 

Bugs Squashed:

    • CSV importing only showed 10 rows of results to map, it has been corrected to show all results. 

    • Some users reported not being able to complete the setup and sync with Accelo. This has been corrected. 

    • A Kaseya BMS user reported not all services were being pulled into Gradient.  This has been updated. Additionally, all clients now show with their correct name, not client name. 

    • Reports of maxed-out API calls from some organizations have been updated. 

    • Halo PSA integration received an update to unsure adjusting quantities writes back to the PSA. 


June 21st - Release:

Features Released:

    • Introducing our latest vendor integration to the Synthesize platform: Nodeware
    • Mobile registration is here. Now you can learn more about Gradient, and even connect your PSA via your mobile device.  Gradient is still best used from a desktop for monthly reconciliation.

Bugs Squashed: 

    • Accelo PSA connection issues have been updated, some users had experienced a bad gateway error.

    • Adjust/Reconcile cards did not work for some users. This has been corrected. 

    • Tigerpaw Sync timeout issues have been corrected. 

June 14th - Release:

Bugs Squashed:

    • Corrected an issue facing some Connectwise Manage users where we pulled in the quantity of some cancelled additions. 
    • The open portal button for the Mailprotector integration has been updated and now leads to a valid page. 

    • The Mailprotector next button on the service mapping page is now disabled until the service is mapped. 

June 7th - Release:

Features Released:

Bugs Squashed:

    • Some users experienced an error clicking on the sync now button within our Liongard integration. This has been corrected. 

    • Some partners using Kaseya BMS had some accounts not fully synced in, this caused them to display as 'client name'. This has been updated. 
    • The Synthazise - API - Create An Account Description was marked as optional but is required. 

June 2nd - Release: 

Bugs Squashed: 

    • Corrected an issue with CSV imports not displaying all the new review cards.

    • Fixed the Liongard integration setup pages to require mapping of accounts before proceeding. 
    • Deleting a mapped service from the Liongard integration is now working correctly
    • Corrected the page scaling for all users using magic link sign in



All releases may include minor UX improvements, Link corrections etc.