June 2023 - Release Notes

A breakdown of the features released, bugs fixed and other details for June 2023.

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June 07, 2023

June 14, 2023

June 21, 2023

June 28, 2023

All releases may include minor UX improvements, Link corrections etc. 


June 7th, 2023

Bugs Squashed: 

    • Corrected an issue with Veeam authentication.
    • The CSV profile page need help button did not link to anything.


June 14th, 2023

Bugs Squashed: 

    • Undo functionality was not working for bulk-selected items.
    • Syncs initiated within the app would display as psa sync failed even when successful. 


June 21st, 2023

Features Released: 

    • Custom integrations can now be deleted at the time of disconnection if desired.

Bugs Squashed: 

    • Some partners subscribing to a pro plan and completing the process were still being prompted to upgrade. 

    • Some secondary users were unable to use all the pro features assigned to the account.

June 28th, 2023

Bugs Squashed: 

    • SentinelOne was authenticating but not pulling in accounts or usage. 
    • The billing dashboard intermittently would stop scrolling after the first two rows of cards were displayed, and users would have to click or move the mouse around to continue to scroll. 

    • When making a change to a service card that had previously that same quantity, the new results would not display. The system did not validate if the number was the most recent quantity. 
    • The billing page bulk effect errors displayed the wrong error message when triggered.