A step-by-step guide to getting started with the Mailprotector Billing Integration.



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  1. Login to Synthesize and navigate to the Integrations tab.
  2. Select the Mailprotector integration card, and click Connect.
  3. Copy the Synthesize API Key. Note that each integration is assigned a unique Synthesize API Key. Save this key in a secure location. It will only be available once.
  4. Click Open Portal.
    • This will open a new tab in the Mailprotector Console.
  5. Login to the Mailprotector Console.
  6. Select the Integrations tab in the top navigation and scroll to locate Gradient MSP.
  7. Paste your Synthesize API Key from the previous steps and click Enable.
    • You will see a list of Service assignments on this page. Disregard these, as you will map services inside Synthesize.
  8. Select the Customers tab from the main navigation pane at the top of the screen.
    • Each Customer gets mapped individually within the Mailprotector Console.

  9. Select the Customer in Mailprotector to be mapped to Accounts in Synthesize from your customer list.
  10. Select Integrations then you will be presented with a Client to map. Use the Filter to find the correct match.

      • Repeat the mapping steps until all customers are mapped to Synthesize 
      • If a Customer is mapped incorrectly, select remove, and you will be presented the option to re-map  
  11. Return to Synthesize and click on the Check Connection icon for the Mailprotector wizard. 
    • This will bridge the connection and allow the clients we just mapped to be mapped to services here in Synthesize. 
  12. Within Synthesize, select next to proceed to Map your Services

    • Search for the Service Name in your PSA and drag and drop from the list of Services in Synthesize on the left with Services found in Mailprotector on the right
  13. Once all services have been matched, continue to the next step.
  14. Return to the Mailprotector Console.
  15. Within Mailprotector, navigate to the Integrations tab and click on the GradientMSP integration update counts button.
  16. Lastly, return to synthesize and click Finish! 
  17. Click on the Synthesize reconciliation page and begin reconciling your Mailprotecor accounts. 
  1. Thanks to the Mailprotector integration, you're on your way to making billing a breeze!

      The Mailprotector key is only presented once; you must cancel and re-map if not copied and stored.