A step-by-step guide to getting started with the Mailprotector Integration.

 Products Integrated:  CloudFilter, CloudMail, SafeSend, XtraMail, SecureStore, ContinuityBundle, BracketBundle, Bracket

For support with this integration, contact Mailprotector here: 


If you receive Mailprotector through Virtual Administrator, you cannot utilize the integration at this time.

Connecting the Mailprotector Integration

  1. Connect the integration
  2. Map Accounts and Services
  3. Start the Sync
  4. Reconcile

Migrating to Mailprotector Billing and Alerts Integration

  1. Migration Steps


  1. Troubleshooting


Step 1: Connect the Integration

  1. Select the Mailprotector integration card, and click Connect.
  2. Copy the Gradient API Key. Note that each integration is assigned a unique API Key. Save this key in a secure location. It will only be available once.
  3. Click Open Portal and Login to the Mailprotector Console.
  4. Select the Integrations tab in the top navigation and scroll to locate Gradient MSP.
  5. Paste your Gradient API Key from the previous steps and click Enable.
  6. Select all the accounts you want to sync to Synthesize and click Link Selected Customers. 
    • You will see a list of Service assignments on this page. Please disregard these, as you will be able to map services inside Synthesize.
  7. Return to Gradient.
  8. If you are connecting Alerts, click Check Permissions and select your PSA Board.
  9. Press Next to complete the account and service mapping. 

Step 2: Map Accounts and Services

  1. Map your accounts and services by dragging the card from Synthesize on the left to Mailprotector on the right. When you are finished, press Next.
    1. Services can be searched by pressing the filter button or typing in the Synthesize search bar. 
  2. Review and Press Finish

Step 3: Start the Sync

  1. Return to Mailprotector and click Update Counts


Step 4: Reconcile

  1. Return to Synthesize, Refresh your page, and Reconile!

Migrating to Mailprotector Billing and Alerts Integration

  1. Within Mailprotector, navigate to the Integrations tab and click the button to Migrate to Alerts.
  2. Select all the Customers you want to send to Synthesize and click Link Selected Customers.
  3. Navigate to Synthesize, click on Integrations, and Configure the Mailprotector integration.
  4. Click Update Account Mapping. Map your accounts by dragging the card from Synthesize on the left to Mailprotector on the right. When complete, press Back To Overview.
  5. Navigate back to Mailprotector and click Update Counts.


New Customers not displaying in Gradient to reconcile

If you add new customers to Mailprotector, you will need to map them in Mailprotector for them to start syncing. When you have a new customer, the steps below are all you need to do to add them!  

  1. Customers must be assigned to the integration. Click on the Customers page at the top navigation in the Mailprotector Console.
  2. Select a customer and click on Integrations from the customer level Overview page.
  3. Use the text field to search and select the corresponding customer in Gradient.
  4. Return to the Integrations page and push update counts.
  5. Return to Gradient and push a fresh sync on the Mailprotector integration
  6. Your accounts will appear.