March 2022 - Release Notes

Check out the feature and fix details from our latest releases

March 22nd - Release

Bugs Squashed

    • Corrections to the activity log display

    • Filtering by contract type received an update to improve results and load times.

    • Fixed an issue with some cards not displaying while scrolling on the page

    • Assigning new revenue to a contract now displays the correct date 

March 16th - Release

Bugs Squashed

    • Corrected an indexing issue that did allow disabled agreements to show in Gradient

    • When assigning new revenue, some partners experienced issues with the date selected, and this has been updated.

    • Many back-end improvements to indexing, searching, and filtering. 

March 8th - Release

Bugs Squashed

    • Service Bundles would not display for Autotask users - this has been corrected.

    • Corrected an issue for some users with CSV imports not displaying correctly. 
    • Setting a service card adjustment to 0 for some users showed -1. We recalibrated the flock. 

March 2nd - Release 

Bugs Squashed

    • Fixed an issue with our Microsoft SSO showing as unverified.

    • Profile settings, if changed, were not saving; sorry about that! It is fixed.

All releases may include minor UX improvements, Link corrections etc.