Synthesize Billing Minimum Requirements

Minimum requirements to successfully use the Synthesize Billing Module

Minimum Requirements

  1. Utilize Contracts within your PSA
  2. Sync New Services
  3. Total Cost and Price Calculations
  4. Bill in Advance (Recommended)

Utilize Contracts within your PSA

When syncing usage from your PSA to Synthesize Billing, we require that you use contracts within your PSA. When performing your Billing Reconciliation through Synthesize, we will update the Contract Lines directly in your PSA.

Review our PSA Integration Guides to get started!

Sync New Services

Suppose you have recently started reselling a new service. In that case, you may find that the service needs to show within Synthesize Billing, or you do not see any usage after connecting a vendor integration or importing CSV Usage.

For a new service to appear in Synthesize Billing, we require that the service be associated with at least one contract with a positive quantity. Once this service has been added to a contract with a positive quantity, perform a PSA Sync, and you will see imported usage from the vendor integration or CSV import.

Total Cost and Price Calculations

Synthesize Billing calculates your total Profit and Revenue based on the Cost and Price of the service within your PSA. If you manually override the Price and Cost of service on an individual contract, we will use that Cost Price for that line item.

You need to set the service's cost and price in the PSA to ensure your total Profit and Revenue calculations are correct.

You will have the ability in-app to update the cost per unit on individual contracts. 

Bill In Advance (Recommended)

Synthesize Billing is optimized for MSPs who bill in advance. By default, any changes will apply on the first of the following month. So, if today's date is January first, and you approve a change, the change will take effect on February first. As a result, we recommend you perform your billing reconciliation on the last few days of the month and send your invoices out on the first. This will ensure that your invoices have accurate data.