October 2022 - Release Notes

Check out the feature and fix details from our latest releases

Oct 28th - Release: 

Bugs Squashed:

    • Accelo – some users experienced the sync would not complete, stalled at 55%.

    • Alerts the back button was not working for all users during set up.

    • The alerts filter button did not display the text as it was typed, but it did display the results

    • The integrations page showed connect for all integrations regardless of status

    • The total connected integrations count was not working as expected

    • Mailprotector’s next button was not enabled even with the correct credentials

    • The Liongard review updates button was not working

    • Tigerpaw was not pulling in all clients and accounts on sync

October 18th - Release:

Features Released: 

    • Users can now Ignore imported or integrated cards for this billing period

    • The ability to bulk-select all cards in a particular service 

    • Easy access to filters and approve buttons 

Bugs Squashed: 

    • Alerts check permissions had a spelling error 

    • External integrations once validated the next button was disabled

    • The Liongard configuration page was missing the sync now option 

    • The mapping accounts drag and drop feature was causing the screen to go blank, only showing matches when hovered over.

    • The next button was present on some integrations without mapping being completed

    • API-JSON -Set Unit count had a field incorrectly marked as required 

    • CSV imports usage imports stopped after a specific number of rows and/or failed over 100 lines

    • Some users were promoted to upgrade to pro when connecting their first standard integration

    • Users looking to downgrade from pro were not prompted to remove connected integrations 

    • Intermittently the business email sign-in would redirect to the login page

October 11th - Release: 

Features Released: 

Bugs Squashed:

    • Connectwise Manage users experienced some quantities not updating correctly 

    • Adjusting the quantity for a service card in Tigerpaw created new additions 

    • Upgrade to pro was prompting at incorrect times for some users
    • The next step button was not available for all users when setting up integrations 

    October 4th - Release:

    Bugs Squashed: 

        • Datto Continuity integration results were displayed as new review cards for Connectwise Manage partners 

        • Some clients showed as clientname for some partners. This was corrected across the platform
        • Partner reported seeing the same service card duplicated sever times over 
        • New renew cards were displayed in random order instead of at the top of the results

      All releases may include minor UX improvements, Link corrections etc.