A step-by-step guide to connecting the Pax8 Integration.

Products Integrated:  All products

Generate Vendor API Key

  1. The Pax8 Integration requires a Client ID and Client Secret for authentication. 
  2. Visit Pax8, and while logged in as a Primary Partner Admin or Partner Admin, click your name in the top right and select Edit Profile.
  3. Select the Developer Apps tab and click Create.
  4. Associate a name and select the type Machine to Machine.

Connect the Integration 

  1. Select the Pax8 Integration card and click Connect. 
  2. Choose what module you wish to connect to, and press continue. 
  3. Enter your vendor details from Step 1 and press authenticate. 
Map Accounts and Services 
  1. Map your accounts and services. 
    1. We have auto-mapped any that are exact matches. The remaining can be searched by pressing the filter button or typing in the search bar.  
  2. Review and Press Finish. 

See tips and tricks for mapping in the tool: How to map within Synthesize.  

A pop-up will inform you that the setup is complete and that the syncing of usage can take a few seconds to several minutes.