A step-by-step guide to getting started with the PowerDMARC Integration.

Products Integrated: PowerDMARC

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For support with this integration, you can contact PowerDMARC Here

Connecting the PowerDMARC Integration

  1. Connect the Integration
  2. Map Accounts and Services
  3. Start the Sync

Step 1: Connect the Integration

  1. Login to Synthesize and navigate to the Integrations tab. 
  2. Select the PowerDMARC Integration card, and click Connect.
  3. Choose what you want to integrate, and select Continue.  
  4. Copy the Gradient API Key. Note that each integration is assigned a unique API Key. Save this key in a secure location. It will only be available once.
  6. Navigate to Integrations -> Gradient -> Gradient MSP Data Integration. Paste in your API key and click Data Integration
  7. Return to Gradient and Press Next to complete the service and account mapping.

Step 2: Map Accounts and Services

  1. Map your accounts and services by dragging the card from Synthesize on the left to PowerDMARC on the right. When you are finished, press Next. 
    1. Services can be searched by pressing the filter button or typing in the Synthesize search bar. 
  2. Review and Press Finish

Step 3: Start the Sync

  1. Return to PowerDMARC and expand the second option, Gradient MSP Data Synchronization, and click Data Synchronization.
  2. Proceed to the dashboard and refresh to review your results.


In order to synchronize data with Gradient MSP, the synchronization should be done every time an account is deleted, the account status is changed, the account plan is changed, or domains are added/deleted/activated/deactivated within PowerDMARC.