What data is accessed from my PSA?

Gradient operates with a Least Privilege Platform Access model

Your data is protected using rigorous and closely monitored internal practices. For more information, please select from the following options below.

Least Privileged Platform Access with Synthasize™

We practice the principle of Least Privileged Access and only require permissions needed for us to complete billing reconciliation and alerts and update your contract line items in your PSA.

The privileges we require are as follows:

  • Service Name (Products)
  • Account Name (Customers)
  • Agreements
  • Invoicing 
  • Service Desk
  • Tickets

We organize by Service Name across all Account Names and Agreements for you to quickly and easily streamline billing reconciliation.

You can easily view and adjust quantities of services you resell and update them directly to your PSA with as little as one click. A Service Card represents a Contract Line Item (service) in each of your Agreements or Contracts.