PSA Naming Conventions

Let's talk the same language.

Synthesize billing module requires the following data fields for us to update usage in your PSA: automagically

  1. Account Name (Customer)
  2. Service Name (Product)
  3. Quantity (Unit or License Count)
  4. Agreements 

Recognizing that our naming conventions or nomenclature may differ from your PSA, we've created this list so we all speak the same language!

Platform Account Name Service Name Agreements
ConnectWise Companies Product ID Agreements
Datto Autotask PSA Accounts Services Contracts
Kaseya BMS Accounts Services Contracts
Pulseway PSA Accounts Services Contracts
Tigerpaw Accounts Services Contracts
Halo PSA Customers Recurring Line Items Recurring Invoices
Syncro MSP Customers Recurring Line Items Recurring Invoices
Accelo PSA Companies Service Items Retainers