A step-by-step guide to getting started with the RocketCyber Integration with Gradient MSP.

Products Integrated: Endpoints | Firewalls | Cloud Monitoring | Total Devices (Endpoints + Firewalls)

Connecting the RocketCyber Integration

  1. Generate Vendor API Keys
  2. Connect the integration.
  3. Map Accounts and Services

Step1: Generate Vendor API Keys

  1. The RocketCyber Integration requires an API Key and URL for authentication. 
  2. Visit RocketCyber and generate/access your API Key
    1. RocketCyber API
  3. The API URL will be something like

Step 2: Connect the Integration

  1. Login to Synthesize and navigate to the Integrations tab.
  2. Select the RocketCyber Integration card and click Connect.
  3. Choose what module you wish to connect to, and press continue.
  4. Enter your vendor details from Step 1 and press authenticate.
  5. Press Next to complete the service and account mapping.

Step 3: Map Accounts and Services

  1. Map your accounts and services by dragging the card from Synthesize on the left to RocketCyber on the right. When you are finished, press Next.
    1. Services can be searched by pressing the filter button or typing in the Synthesize search bar. 
  2. Review and Press Finish

A pop-up will inform you that the setup is complete and that the syncing of usage can take a few seconds to several minutes.

Proceed to the dashboard and refresh to review your results.