Synthesize Billing Module Pricing

All the details for the Synthesize Billing Module Pro plans. The tiers, the pricing and other details can be found here.

The Synthesize billing module is free, with one standard integration.

Need more? The flock here has you covered! 

Billing Pro is everything you love about Synthesize Billing Module, with up to 10 billing integrations and unlimited CSV profiles.  

Upgrade to Billing Pro by subscribing to any premium integration, a second standard integration, or by uploading a CSV. 

Billing Pro ranges from $199 - $499, depending on your tier. 

See How to update here: Synthesize Pricing and Upgrades.

Tiers are based on the number of Accounts with Active contracts connected in your PSA. 

Billing Pro LAUNCH 1-30 Synced Accounts $199/mo
Billing Pro GROW 31-150 Synced Accounts $299/mo
Billing Pro SCALE 151-500 Synced Accounts $499/mo
Billing Pro CUSTOM 500+ Synced Accounts TALK TO SALES

How Tiers are calculated. 

Synced Accounts would be calculated as the total number of accounts synced through their PSA with the following stipulation: only accounts with associated cards would be considered part of the count.

For example, if a PSA had 1000 accounts in it, 500 were prospects, 100 were cancelled, 400 were listed as active, and as customers, but only 100 of them had contracts with line items that would show up in Synthesize, then their account total used to calculate their tier would be 100.

Changing Tiers

When you are on a tier, the sales team will reach out each quarter if you meet the threshold for the next one. If you have more synced accounts than your current tier, it will display in the tool for you but does not affect your service.