Tigerpaw Integration Guide *Beta*

A step-by-step guide to getting your Tigerpaw account connected

Currently in beta.  Please contact support with any questions or improvements. 

Upon initial registration of your new Gradient MSP account, you will select Tigerpaw. 

We will then present you with a connection checklist - please gather these items before progressing to the next page. 


Tigerpaw API Connection Checklist

  1. Generate your public and private API keys
  2. Note your Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)
  3. Copy your API keys and have your subdomain value ready for the next step


Input your API Key and Domain Prefix, then select save and test.


That is all you need to do to connect!  You can sit back, have a coffee, and let our hamsters get to work!  Your PSA data is synchronizing right now, and we will email you when our analysis is complete!

Note: Depending on the account size, this sync could take a day or more.



How to create a Tigerpaw API key 

Tigerpaw has a REST API, separate from the built-in Tigerpaw (Mobile) API, which you must install to allow both systems to communicate.

See Tigerpaws REST API Instructions