What is the Data Health Score?

This score represents how clean your PSA records are out of a score of 1000.

Cleaning your dirty data will help your score get higher and higher! When you have actioned all dirty records(or ignored) your score will be 1000! 

It is a lofty goal and we will help each step of the way! 


We have a few types of Scores here at Gradient, your Data Heath Score and our Confidence Score. How is Confidence Calculated? 

What is the Data Health Score? 

In short, the Health Score is a mathematical representation of how relevant your current data is.

Using our super-secret formula, we can confidently identify old data and ensure your PSA Data is active and Healthy.  Don't worry it's easy! 

We live the 1-10-100 Rule of Dirty Data and designed this formula to ensure all MSPs have equal access to these savings. 

How is my Data Health Score Calculated?

We take your total number of clean records and divide that with your total record count and multiply by 1000. 

Formula: Clean Records / ( All Records - Ignored records) X 1000

Clean your records today and earn that perfect score!