Billing Reconciliation Best Practices

Synthesise Billing Module - Billing Reconciliation best practices.

 Billing Reconciliation Best Practices

  1. When to Reconcile
  2. Steps before Reconciliation
  3. List View Group By Functionality
  4. Filter by Vendor
  5. Bulk Approval
  6. Bulk Effective Date

When to Reconcile

Synthesize Billing works best for partners who Bill in Advance, as we will default any changes to the first of the following month. Log in to Synthesize on the last couple of days of the month, reconcile your changes and send invoices out on the first.

If you currently bill in arrears, don't fret. You can bulk approve changes for a specific date, ensuring you can reconcile your usage quickly.


Steps before Reconciliation

Syncing your PSA and any vendor integrations before reconciliation is recommended to ensure Synthesize has accurate information.

  1. Perform a manual PSA sync to ensure any changes made in the PSA are reflected within Billing.
  2. Perform a manual sync of any vendor integrations connected to ensure the imported usage is accurate.


List View Group By Functionality

After syncing your PSA and vendor integrations, you can switch to List View and group by Accounts, Services, or Contracts to quickly identify changes that have occurred. This will give you a quick look into how your month went.


Filter by Vendor

Suppose you want to see how a particular vendor performed during the month or want to reconcile each vendor individually. In that case, you can click the Filters dropdown and select the Vendor/Distributor. This will only show results for the specified vendor allowing you to reconcile those items quickly.


Bulk Approval / Dismissal

After you've connected a vendor integration or imported CSV Usage, expanding on that service will allow you to bulk-select and approve all the service cards for that service. Before bulk approval, spot-check each service card and address any anomalies.

When performing the first Bulk action, you will get a warning modal for either bulk approve or bulk dismiss; if you are confident they do not want to see this warning again, you can select to dismiss the warning. 



Bulk Effective Date

When selecting cards, you can select the drop-down arrow next to Appove and choose to Set the  Effective date.

When you select Set Effective Date, it will become the selectable button.  

Select the button, and a modal will appear for you to choose the date for the changes to take effect. 

You can set the bulk effective date and save it without approving it if you are not ready to process it right away.