Custom CSV Usage Reports

Find your source of truth, add upload custom CSV Usage Reports directly into Synthesize Billing Module.


So, you're looking to take wing and experience the true value of CSV import profiles in Synthesize Billing Module. You've come across one of the following scenarios:

  1. The vendor does not support usage reports.
  2. Use other data sources to reconcile your service bundles or packages.
  3. Or, you've come across a rather complicated vendor usage export.

Great news, you'll be able to accomplish all of these things in Synthesize Billing Module. By bringing out your inner near, along with some Excel wizardry, you'll be able to quickly finesse the data and import it into Synthesize Billing Module in no time!

Yes, we understand we haven't hit that utopia of a world (our flockstars are hard at work) where you don't have to reconcile again, but at least you're not having to spend as much time on the things that suck! Billing reconciliation, of course!

Complex Vendor Usage Reports

Do you happen to go cross-eyed cross-referencing complex vendor usage reports? Learn how you can cleanse the data by hitting the fuchsia button below!


Minimum Requirements

Map Data Fields

When you upload your import file in Synthesize Billing Module, you're required to map the following data fields:

  • Account Name (company)
  • Service Name (product description or product SKU)
  • Quantity 

Note Quantity must be aggregated per product, per company. Some usage reports may require finessing of data in order to be used in Synthesize Billing Module.

Creating Custom CSV Usage Reports

  • When creating custom CSV usage reports, the first row of the CSV must be the header row, as shown below:  

  • Bottom line, we require an aggregated (sum) Quantity per Service Name and Account Name.

  • Once you have created your import file, you can save it as a .csv file format and upload to Synthesize Billing Module™.
  • Step through the Vendor CSV Mapping Profile Wizard, map all the data fields, save and import, and you'll be able to use this saved CSV profile repeatedly, each month. 

Warning Blank rows in the CSV import file will cause the import to fail.