January 2023 - Release Notes

A breakdown of the features released, bugs fixed and other details for January 2023.

January 24th - Release:

Bugs Squashed:

    • CSV mapping experienced an issue if users navigated back a page; the headers did not display correctly.
    • Sync Indicator was not displaying for all users 

    • Liongard mapping intermittently would not display arrows for mapping. Toggling on and off hide mapped would enable them to reappear. 

    • Users were temporarily unable to turn off or filter out new revenue cards. 

    • Datto Continuity users were temporarily shown a blank box upon completion of the setup. 

    • Vendors building integrations temporarily could not access their integration card 

January 19th - Integration Release: 


January 17th - Release: 

Bugs Squashed:

    • We corrected an issue with the Mailprotector integration setup, where users could not progress past the account mapping page. 

    • SCO Cloud, Xerox, Synced Tool, Altigen and Spanning were added to the list of Vendors for CSV importing 

January 11th - Release: 

Bugs Squashed: 

    • A vendor experienced a time when the integration would not connect with a generic error. We were able to isolate and resolve this quickly. 

    • Datto Integration was showing pending even after being connected. 

    • CSV Import service mapping - unmapping a service was not working

    • Auvik was added to the list of vendors to select when uploading a CSV

    •  intY was added to the list of distributors

All releases may include minor UX improvements, Link corrections etc.