Liongard Integration FAQs

Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about the Liongard Integration

What are the requirements for a Metric?

For a Metric to work in Synthesize Billing, you need to make sure the following requirements are met:

  • System Inspector Type
  • Query results be in the form of a number (aggregated whole number).
  • Metric Display enabled
  • Mapping of all Accounts in Synthesize Billing.
  • Mapping of all Discovered Systems to Environments in Liongard

Tip For more information on requirements, please refer to the following documentation on Liongard Requirements.

How to Write a Metric?

If you're new to this space, we encourage you to review Liongard's documentation. If you wish to have further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to support. 

How to Write a Metric (

Can you map multiple services to a single custom metric in Synthesize Bill?

Yes, you can map multiple services to a single customer metric in Synthesize Billing.

Simply drag and drop multiple services to a single custom metric when configuring or updating service mappings in the Liongard integration. 

Note When you map multiple services to a single metric, you may come across false-positive New Found Revenue service cards. To declutter these false positives, simply hit the filter button on the Service Reconciliation page and toggle the Show New Revenue Cards and hit apply.

Why do we have to map accounts in Synthesize Billing when we already map environments to Discovered Systems in Liongard?

It is recommended to map all accounts in Synthesize Billing, as we map accounts from your PSA., through the unique Metric ID pulled from Liongard's API to environments (discovered systems) from Liongard. 

If you cannot map all accounts when configuring the Liongard Integration (for example, your legal entity), simply continue on to the next step.

Do I have to map all Discovered Systems in Liongard?

Yes, this is a best practice and among Liongard's Weekly Recommended Practices.

Since each inspector has a dependent relationship to an Environment, those Discovered Systems that are not activated will not return values upon evaluation.

Note that it's best practice to review Discovered Systems in Liongard on a weekly basis to ensure data is retrieved. Refer to Best Practices for Using Liongard Integration ( for more information.

Can I use any System Inspector Type?

Yes, generally, you can utilize any System Inspector Type. For the Liongard Integration to properly function within Synthesize Billing, it is necessary to have an Active System Inspector. This type of inspector is an application that collects information from the systems being managed, and there are two variations - Parent Only Inspectors or Parent/Child Inspectors.

It's worth noting that parent and child inspectors may produce different data outputs, and some parent-only inspectors may aggregate data across all customers into a single active inspector data print. While it's technically possible to filter parent data prints by customer ID, it would require creating a separate custom metric for each customer.

Liongard's System Inspectors are categorized into System Types. To gain insights into your data, create metrics, and streamline billing reconciliation, we encourage you to explore the Liongard Docs for more information.

Do system query results aggregate per environment?

Yes, in Liongard, the query results of System Inspectors are aggregated per environment. This means that if you have multiple active inspectors or discovered systems for a single environment, their query results will be combined (summed) in Synthesize Billing.

For example, if there are two active inspectors for A1A Carwash, and both query results in a quantity of 8, there will be an aggregated quantity of 16 in Synthesize Billing. The aggregated results will be cross-referenced with the mapped service in your PSA when reviewing updates in Synthesize Billing. This applies to both Parent Only and Parent/Child System Inspectors, as all query results of each system per environment will be aggregated in Synthesize Billing.

Do inspector sync schedules align with Synthesize Billing?

Currently, inspector sync schedules align with the Synthesize Billing sync, which is scheduled every week on Saturday.

What is required from a Metric to validate with Synthesize Billing? 

Synthesize Billing only validates a single number (integer) to evaluate Quantity, like the following query:

Does Metric Display need to be enabled for third-party applications like Synthesize Billing?

Yes, Metric Display is required to be enabled for Synthesize Billing to evaluate Metrics.

Does Synthesize Billing support Change Detections?

No, Change Detections are currently not supported through the Liongard API.

Does the Liongard integration sync on a schedule

Yes, Liongard syncs automatically once per week on Sundays. To initiate a Liongard sync manually, navigate to Integrations -> Liongard and click Sync Now.