November 2022 - Release Notes

Check out the feature and fix details from our latest releases

Nov 29th Release:

Bugs Squashed:

    • Our Microsoft login showed the option for personal accounts to log in. This did cause it to error as our logic is set for only business access.

    • Users could not upload a CSV when selecting Datto RMM as the vendor. 

    • Upgrade to Alerts pro prompt took users to the billable pro upgrade page in error. 

    • The Open PSA Portal and View PSA Support buttons on the Alerts find out more page were not working.
    • A partner using Autotask PSA reported doubling some service cards' quantity. 
    • The Datto Continuity integration page would progress past the API auth page if the credentials were wrong. It loaded to a blank page instead of displaying an error.


Nov 22nd Release: 

Features Unleased:

Bugs Squashed:

    • Liongard users faced an issue where metrics were unable to connect properly due to there being Null values.

    • Gradient Token hashing was updated. 
    • Alerts users were displayed a message upon completion of the setup about both alerts and billing. 
    • Alerts configuration page did not display the connected PSA board
    • Changing your connected PSA board did not show a success/fail message 
    • Some Autotask billing cards were displaying with double the correct value so some cards. 
    • Changing a product name in CW Manage did not update in Synthesize for some users

Nov 15th Release:

Bugs Squashed:

    • The next button was appearing on fully connected integration pages. This was in error and lead to a blank page. 

    • Some Liongard users received a message that said looks like all services are mapped, even though some we unmapped. 


Nov 8th Release: 

Bugs Squashed:
    • When actioning service cards in rapid succession, the service cards for a section reappeared. Refreshing the page the actioned cards will disappear.

    • Rapid scrolling on the main dashboard caused Oh for flock's sake error 

    • A partner reported an incorrect update quantity for actioned service cards in Connectwise. 

    • Integrations - Partners were unable to map Multiple PSA Services to single Vendor service

    • Liongard - Cannot complete integration when we map a service other than the first service that appears on the page

    • Liongard and Datto integration - Cancel button was not working on the review page


November 4th  - Release: 

Features Release:

Bugs Squashed:

    • Clicking on the notify me button for coming soon interactions was not working as expected.

    • New connections for the Liongard integration were stalled on the review page consistently loading 

    • Some alerts were not posting for Pulseway PSA users 

    • Datto continuity had a visual issue where it still showed as connect, once connected. 


All releases may include minor UX improvements, Link corrections etc.