Synthesize SDK Overview

Let's jump right in and get started with Gradient's Synthesize SDK!


Welcome to the Synthesize SDK! This Software Development Kit (SDK) enables developers to build powerful plugins for image processing and computer vision applications that leverage the Synthesize API provided by Gradient.

Getting Started

To get started with the Synthesize SDK, you'll need to have the following prerequisites:

  • PowerShell 7.0 or later
  • Synthesize API credentials
  • Vendor API credentials
  • Gradient PowerShell SDK Installation
  • Familiarity with a programming language such as Powershell or Typescript
  • Synthesize Account (Register or Login Here)

Once you have those prerequisites, you can follow these steps:
Sign up for Synthesize at
Review the API documentation to learn how to use the Synthesize API.

Review the Custom Integration guide if you're a partner building your integration.


You can download the Synthesize SDK for Powershell here -

Install the SDK by following the instructions in the README file.
Use the Synthesize SDK to build your image processing or computer vision plugin using the Synthesize API.

File Structure

When you have downloaded the Synthesize SDK, you will see the following file structure to help build and access custom integrations


The Integrations folder contains a list of pre-built integrations allowing you to realize the full potential of custom integrations! Check out the README file for details on how these integrations function.


You can build your custom integration using the README file at the root of the SDK with the PSGradient contents.


Templates contain sample code demonstrating how to connect to a vendor using the SDK and perform basic operations. Check out the README File for more information!


If you have any questions or issues with the Synthesize SDK, please get in touch with Gradient support at