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Incorrect PSA Data? Old Services?

Does the usage from your PSA Appear to be incorrect or outdated in Synthesize? This article will help you identify the issue.

Identifying and Correcting Stale Data

  1. Overview
  2. Perform a PSA Sync
  3. Clean Up Account


Synthesize is scheduled to sync contract usage from your PSA once a week automatically. When this sync occurs, current usage within your PSA will sync in.

If items within Synthesize have not been actioned from one month to the next, a Contract has expired, or a Service has been cancelled or deleted from the contract, existing usage may not be adjusted appropriately when a PSA Sync occurs.

This can cause your account to have stale data. This article will outline identifying if you are experiencing stale data and what needs to be done to correct this.

Perform a PSA Sync

If you manually updated a contract or contract line quantity within your PSA, you may find that Synthesize still shows the old quantity. You can force a PSA Sync to update usage in Synthesize as it has changed from within your PSA.

If you find that usage in Synthesize is still inaccurate, an account cleanup is required. 

Clean Up Account

If some service cards showed Last Updated x months ago, it typically means that the contract/service line is no longer active. Dismiss these cards, and they will not reappear in the next billing cycle.

If you have a lot of stale data from not actively reconciling through Synthesize Billing, please contact support to request a cleanup of your account.

When cleanup is requested, this will not impact your PSA quantities. We will remove any synced contract usage from your PSA so that a fresh sync can happen, making sure that all usage matches your PSA.