February 2023 - Release Notes

A breakdown of the features released, bugs fixed and other details for February 2023.


February 28th:

Integrations Released:


February 24th:

Features Released: 

    • Our powerful new CSV import tool is live for all users on the Synthesize platform.

Bugs Squashed: 

    • Update to the Microsoft login as for a brief time, a login via this method resulted in a 500 error. 

    • Some partners would have cards display clientName in error. The source was located and updated. 
    • Corrected a display issue for profit and revenue caused by not all items loading simultaneously - thus displaying partial results. 
    • We have updated our Liongard logic to prevent 413 errors on large data sets. 
    • We corrected an issue where some services from Autotask would display in Synthezise as bundles, causing actual bundles not to be displayed.
    • The adjust modal received an update as imported quantities were not loaded by default for approval. 
    • Corrected an issue with Halo PSA syncs displaying inactive line items. We now check within contracts to ensure the lines are active. 


February 16th:

Features Released:

February 15th:

Bugs Squshed: 

    • We have resolved an issue where already actioned service cards would reappear after a PSA sync for Autotask PSA users. 

    • We have resolved an issue for ConnectWise Manage users where after syncing with Gradient MSP, editing an addition to a new product in ConnectWise Manage would not sync back to Gradient MSP. 
    • We have corrected an issue where the 'next' button was available when doing a CSV import before the mapping steps were fully completed. 

February 8th: 

Features Released: 

    • The updated adjust card modal is now on the site. Clicking on adjust will now pop open a full-size display to make your selections to adjust. 

Bugs Squashed: 

    • We have resolved an issue with previously imported CSV data importing in the next billing cycle.

    • We resolved an issue where service cards would reappear after being actioned if a CSV import was performed a second time. 

    • We resolved an issue where not all reconciliation cards would display for a single partner. 
    • We resolved an issue where new revenue-found cards would not remove from view after being manually added to a contract in the PSA. 

February 1st:  

Features Update:

    • Liongard partners can aggregate query results for active inspectors associated with the same Environment in LG. 

    • Billing Module update - Users can now adjust their unit and vendor selections for individual services. 

Bugs Squashed: 

    • Halo PSA - Not all recurring invoices were pulling in. 

    • When cancelling an account, an 'oh for flock's sake' error would pop up for a moment.

All releases may include minor UX improvements, Link corrections etc.