Service Reconciliation in Synthesize Billing Module

Guide to help you get started, so you can take wing and realize the true benefits of Synthesize Billing Module.


Billing reconciliation sucks! Synthesize Billing Module reduces the hours of billing drudgery that you're spending flipping between your PSA and vendor portals, going cross-eyed cross-referencing complex vendor usage reports. 

Complete invoice accuracy without risking missed clicks or typos when manually updating client contracts. Synthesize Billing Module breaks your recurring services into an easily digestible, efficient, and clean single-pane of glass.

Service Reconciliation

The Basics

Synthesize Billing Module organizes and groups per service line across all your customers and agreements to quickly and easily streamline billing reconciliation. 

Reconcile, Adjust, or No Change?

You can update service counts directly to your client contracts with as little as one click. You don't even need to set foot in your PSA. It's that easy! As you action each card, the Service Card will be removed from Synthesize Billing Module until the following month. Do this repeatedly, month over month, to reconcile your services before your invoice cycle. Say goodbye to billing drudgery!

A Service Card represents a Contract Line Item (Service) in your Agreements or Contracts.

Prorate Transactions in Synthesize Billing Module

If your PSA supports prorated billing, you can add multiple prorated line items, review the summary of changes, and update, instantly updating your client contracts.


Import CSV Vendor Usage Reports

Level up billing reconciliation by importing CSV vendor usage reports. Say goodbye to cross-referencing spreadsheets and vendor portals! Once usage has been imported, you'll be able to review counts and vendor usage directly in Synthesize Billing Module for you to Reconcile or Adjust as needed. The other added benefits? Ability to identify unbilled revenue and see your net change to profit and revenue.

Drag the CSV vendor usage report, follow the wizard, save and import, and review and update, instantly writing back to your client contracts.


Activity Logs

Review a complete history of changes made within Synthesize Billing Module; you can review your activity log by navigating to Settings > Activity Log.

Apply Filters

Add Vendor Tags to your service lines to filter out any unwanted noise. Upon creating a CSV Import Profile, you will be asked to associate with a vendor. Once the CSV Import is complete, the service line will automatically be tagged by the vendor you are associated.

Alternatively, you can select the vendor dropdown underneath the Service Line to change its vendor association or sales unit.