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Getting Started with Synthesize Alerts

Everything you need to know to get started receiving Alerts from your vendors directly in your PSA!


Are you tired of checking multiple vendor portals and emails to find alerts from various products in your stack, sifting through, and manually creating a ticket in your PSA to address these items? Do you miss important alerts due to the current processes you follow to find what items need action?

Synthesize Alerts Module automatically creates the alerts relevant to you in your PSA, ensuring you never miss a critical alert again while cutting down on the noise of irrelevant items.



Please review the below guides based on your PSA.

New Users: 

Connectwise Manage PSA Integration Requirements

Datto Autotask PSA Integration Requirements

Kaseya BMS Integration Requirements

Pulseway Integration Requirements


Existing Users: Already using Billing and Upgrading to Alerts? You will need to make an adjustment to your security permissions within your PSA.

For Pulesway and Kaseya, no changes are required.

For Autotask please update the security permissions.

For Connectwise please update the security permissions.


Alerts are currently available for Connectwise Manage, Datto, Kaseya PSA, and Pulseway users.

This will expand to include other PSAs in the coming months. 

The Basics

Connecting a vendor integration for Alerts requires a few steps to protect you from alert fatigue and frustration.

  1. Generate a Gradient API Key
  2. Authenticate the integration
  3. Select PSA Board 
  4. Map PSA Customers to Vendor Customers
  5. Map Services within Gradient to Vendor 
  6. Start receiving Alerts

Once you've set up the integration, Alerts will start flowing through to your PSA.